Advanced Charcoal Sanding (Recorded Class)




Workshop Materials / Downloads

You will receive access to the following downloads for this workshop. Downloads are available for one year from date of purchase. Please note that these are LARGE FILES. You will need approximately 7GB of space to download all files associated with this class.

  • The full Zoom video class (4 sessions, over 12 hours of instruction)
  • Bonus series of 4 videos on finishing
  • High-resolution reference image

Session 1 

Demonstration on how to crop the given reference photo in photoshop and how to continue to utilize this method in order to work large. The “measure dot” method is reviewed and demonstrated as well. Review of  “first pass” sanding and working with inconsistent areas of the paper is demonstrated and discussed.

Session 2

Demonstrations including toning the outer areas to find the correct value of the figure. Emphasis is on the face (first crop) and bringing it to a close finish before adding the second crop. Details and where to use measure points in complex areas of the second crop reference are also discussed and demonstrated.

Session 3

Demonstration focus is on building the drawing by prepping the third reference crop, laying down the measure dots and creating the first pass on the third crop in the drawing. Discussion and demonstration on details in the textures and balancing value in all three crops. Explanation of how to take the sanding technique into chalk pastel is touched on (full class will be announced at a later date for a “Sanding Pastel Techniques” class.

Session 4

Includes a general set up for shooting photos at home with basic equipment. Lighting and backdrops will be explained as well as outdoor photography lighting tips and tricks.  Photographing  final works will be discussed as well as creating prints (what to look for in a print company) and framing.

Bonus Content

4 additional videos are included where the complete large drawing is finished as well as a high resolution photograph of the reference photo.